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Why Taking Your Time is Important?

In today’s generation, being productive is always portrayed the best way to achieve simple or big tasks in life. Squeezing every minute and second of life and doing something that will contribute to the idea of success is always shown on social medias. However, each day can’t be a productive one, so most of the times one might get stressed about being productive, which ruins the opportunity to actually do something good during the day.

Not only being productive but achieving big in life – People always expect that when you are in our 20s, you land a good job right after graduation, earn good and accumulate some savings. By the age of 30 or more they expect you to have your own car, house, stable job, good marriage, and kids. Everybody, family or not, relatives or strangers that know about your life in some aspects expects this from you. The tough part is you are not achieving any of this yet.

It’s hard when everywhere you look, people show life as if achieving big is just a piece of cake. It’s very intimidating. Social media is the number one place that can trigger jealousy, declining self-esteem, unhappiness and even depression. Not only that, the peer pressure portraying that everybody is doing some thing in life, but also you seeing yourself at the starting point of where you want your stars to lead you is unsettling. It’s actually difficult and excruciating to ponder that some people are on their 100th step while you are still on the 10th step of your journey.

The question is do you have to actually achieve to be happy in life? Do you need to be big to live comfortably and satisfactorily? What if you can actually be happy while taking your time and wait till you can finally call yourself successful without all the added pressure? This is the question that I always think about and the answer is YES YOU CAN BE HAPPY IN LIFE WHILE TAKING YOUR TIME TO ACHIEVING WHAT YOU WANT.

There is another side of life that does not get that much attention like the life of luxury and hustle. It’s the simple, minimalist, carefree, and positive side. Now, this is the kind of life I’m trying to achieve. This is the life where you are doing your current best and just enjoying the process that leads to the life you wanted. A life where you only think about the important and not what’s “trendy”. A life where you only invite positivity and not the pressure and negativity. A life where you are mentally free of pressure. A life where you will be happier and more carefree.

Being able to enjoy life while working hard on yourself for your dream is what we should all try to achieve. Don’t look to others. If social media gives you pressure and anxiety, take the time off of it. Do social media detox or if you can live without it then delete it. These days social medias do more harm than good since they are addictive. By doing this, you will be able to focus more on yourself and your achievement than looking upto others. You will be able to enjoy your own positive life than other’s.

Life is not about how early we achieve things. It’s about how satisfied and happy we are about how we are living. However, this doesn’t mean that we will just be stuck where we are at the present. We shouldn’t be stagnant just because we want to be in our comfort zone; It’s still hustle but in a pace that we can handle – we move at our own pace, we enjoy the moment while moving forward.

Take life like a traveller travelling. We can’t just be where we want to be when we want to be. We still need to make efforts. We plan the trip and then take planes, buses, cars or any vehicle just to be at the place we want to be. While travelling, we enjoy the scenery, the bumps, the perfect, and the moments we share together with our loved ones or even our own company. We appreciate the life we have while we get excited to be at the place we want to be.

So imagine travelling to be synonymous to your life. You are travelling, you enjoy the journey and you anticipate excitement to be at the place you are headed.

Do you get jealous because others are headed to another way than where you plan? I guess not, because you are just focused on the place you plan to be. Do you get irritated that others have better accommodation when they travel than you? I also guess not, because it’s not the accommodation you are after but the place you actually plan to go. Do you get anxious that you are going to a place different than others? I guess not, because it’s exciting to be in a different place, and not to mention you will have different experiences than them.

See? If you plan your life like how you plan a trip, then you will be happier. Not getting jealous because you are only focused on your destination. No irritation because you are only looking forward to the result and not the difficulty of the situation while achieving it. No anxiety because you are on a path you plan to be.

Now the question is Why is Taking Your Time Important? It’s because it helps you enjoy things at the moment while working for your goals in the future. It is more about yourself and your mental and physical health. It’s about taking care of your overall being while trying to achieve something. It’s waiting for your time to shine while others are already shining. It is being confident with your own capabilities while others are hustling to be at the top. It’s about being happy and satisfied with your life while pushing for your dreams. Let’s all try to achieve this and be away from life’s negativity. Let’s stay on the brighter side of life.

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