Hello Dear Readers!

For those of you who don’t know me yet from Youtube, Hi! My name is Jane. I’m a Filipino and I am living in Delhi, India together with my Indian husband and in-laws. It wasn’t easy coming here in India that’s why I also share informational blogs and vlogs.

Since I’m a housewife, I use most of my time doing household chores, and I also film and edit videos for my Youtube Channel. I upload videos on a weekly basis. I also try to make blogs for the website. It keeps me busy and I like it. I share my Life in India on my Youtube Channel for everyone who are curious to know what life looks like here when they decide to move to India with their loved ones. Also, I share random things, reviews, travels, and informational videos.

Things that I like:

I like writing, editing, taking photos, reading, watching anime, and skincare. Writing is something I started liking since college. I find it therapeutic since I always write my feelings and sadness. Not to mention that’s how I met my husband. I learned editing when I decided to get serious with vlogging. You will know how long I have been editing based on the number of videos I upload on our Youtube channel. As for taking photos, I like romanticising my life with photos and seeing it aesthetically through a camera lens.

When it comes to reading, I started getting serious on 2018 when my husband gave me my first Kindle. I even have a bookstagram which is in Hiatus for now and a Goodreads and Storygraph account. It was amazing since I get to read a lot of books. My favourite genres are Mystery/Thriller, Fantasy and Manga. I occasionally read Self-Help & Romance.

However, when I arrive in India, I became a busy wife and I just try my best to find time to read. It’s relaxing to me and I also read to improve my writing. As for anime, I started watching them when I was in college. It was my release when I felt stressed from school and life.

I recently just got more interested in skincare since I arrive in India. I had a bad breakout and so I needed products to help me. My skin started improving and that’s how it made me care for my skin and try more products. However, I already started applying moisturiser and sunscreen on and off since 2019.

Why I write?

I made these blogs as part of my release and memories. I like writing about my feelings, opinions, memories, and informations with you. I’m also trying to make newsletter and I will be releasing it very soon.

You can find some updates on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I hope you enjoy my contents. If you have questions, you can reach out to me on our social medias. Thank you for reading and stay safe!