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Spring in Delhi, India 2024

There are only two seasons in Philippines, sunny and rainy. It’s normal to bring umbrella all the time because we won’t know when it will rain and we use it when it’s sunny. (Apparently, we don’t like getting tan since we get ridiculed.) Before, I always dreamed of experiencing snow and cold weather. I’m also curious about spring since seeing photos of Japan’s cherry blossoms look incredible and romantic.

I’ve never imagined to even set foot in India my whole life. Now that I’m here, I get to experience all the seasons I desire to enjoy like winter, spring, summer, and monsoon. This is my third spring in India (since I arrived here during summers) and I’m excited to see all the flowers blooming this season.

During winter at our local park, I get to see some areas where some people diligently plant flower seeds to bloom in spring. I first notice this last year. I was patiently waiting for spring to finally see what kind of flowers will bloom where they planted the seeds. This year they planted again and I’m here to show you some photos of the flowers blooming here in Delhi, India.

If you are not living in India, have not been here or have not seen photos and videos about this country, you might not be familiar with the flowers shown in the photos. For me, only a few are familiar which I already saw in Philippines. Seeing new varieties of flowers makes me joyous and happy.

I’m always used to seeing flowers growing up since my mother diligently plants in our backyard. My grandmother also plants every time she is not doing anything (like my mom) so I get to see the flowers she plants when they bloom as well. My mother also got interested into cactus and succulents a few years ago. Now we have a couple of them around our house in Philippines. Cactus also blooms which are interesting!

Life without flowers is boring. Most people think flowers are gender based, that only women enjoy them. I think everyone loves them. There are lots of places here in Delhi where it becomes an attraction during spring because of the beautiful flowers blossoming there like tulips. But I still enjoy the local park the most since it’s nearest to our house and we can visit it any time without long drives.

Here are some of the videos where we enjoyed spring here in India.

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