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Our First Valentines Day Celebration in India

February 2022 was our first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. I was not really sure where we should have spent it, but what better way to spend it in than a place with replica of temples! If you didn’t know, I love temples a lot.

We went to Bharat Darshan Park for an advanced Valentine’s Day celebration. It was Sunday evening and the traffic in Delhi was unimaginable; I am kind of used to the traffic and honking in Delhi, but I guess I should lower my expectation when it comes to travelling without traffic!. We took a three-wheeler to the destination since my hubby was sure that we would have difficulty finding a parking spot, and it turned out he was right!

When we arrived at Bharat Darshan Park, it was flooded with people! I didn’t expect a big crowd, knowing that the Omicron virus is suppose to be very contagious. Most of the people were not even wearing masks, and I am not sure why, but it was what it was. Entry was INR 150 for each, which is 50 more than the day’s entry price; It’s more expensive at night because of the lights. The ticket is valid for 4 hours.

The park is beautiful. The replica of temples are very intricate and well put together! It’s impossible to imagine how it was all constructed. The similarities of the replica and the original were remarkable. We saw Hawa Mahal there, and it did indeed look like the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. Although, the replica was rusty in colour unlike the original in Jaipur because all the replicas are made of recycled materials from different objects! The fact that used materials were used to make these masterpieces is absolutely amazing.

We made our way all the way to the exit gate, taking photos and videos for our Youtube Vlog. Then, we went all the way back to the entrance to get milk tea and several packets of wafers. Even though the food was simple, I was very happy because by now it was dark and the replicas were lit with lights! While I munched on the wafers, beautiful lit replicas surrounding us made it all a wonderful experience! We made our way to the exit one last time and took photos and videos of all the temples once more from beginning to the end.

The lights were incredible. They were of different colours and dancing at times. My favourite colour was rainbow, which swiped from left to right all around the replicas! Explaining it in words is bit difficult, so better check out my YouTube video. I am extremely delighted by the experience! I had a great time!

We waited for each masterpiece to be lit with rainbow lights so that we are able to capture the most exquisite experience of the place. It was indeed worth it to visit at night because the best view is definitely at night. However, only in daylight, the details and the intricacies of art work is visible.

At night, we faced a hiccup going back home. The roads were jammed and the Uber we booked refused to ferry us. In the end, we decided to take a bus even though it would not be a safe choice. We didn’t have any other choice at the time so we hopped onto one. I found out that there is no fare for women in Delhi buses! My hubby paid ₹15 for his fare and it took about half an hour of ride. I was amazed by how cheap the fare is and not to mention that my ride was free! It was another unique experience for me.

When we reached home, we ordered masala dosa, idli and uttapam as our dinner. The food made me very happy; I really like dosa and sambar a lot. My favourite is paneer dosa, however, we did not order one as I was trying not to eat a lot of paneer to avoid an upset stomach.

Even without flowers, chocolates, or gifts, we enjoyed the day. I love it when we just travel, enjoy each other’s company and capture each moment. I am glad that we took videos and photos so that we could watch these memorable days again.

You can check our Youtube Vlog on this day!

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