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How Busy People Read a Lot of Books

Being one of those people who do not find enough time to read more, here are some of the things I do to try to read more even with a busy schedule.

1. Take the reading material with me.

Some of us disregard bringing the reading material with us. We might find it a hassle, but it helps a lot. If you are like some of us who feel shy reading in public you can bring your kindle with you or take a copy of the book in your phone so that you can read it without people knowing about it! If you love physical books, then plug in your earphones (if you like listening to instrumental music while reading), and simply ignore the people around you. Just do it, it works. 

2. Read during break time.

I always bring my kindle with me (I also have a kindle app on the phone) so I can read whenever I get time to read. One hour lunch break after work (or school) is the perfect time for it.

3. Read while commuting (also while travelling)

If you are a person who doesn’t get dizzy reading while commuting then you will appreciate reading during commuting and traveling. I sometimes can’t handle reading while traveling very well, but if I can I’ll read. For those who can’t read while travelling due to motion sickness then I suggest having an audiobook and the commute will no longer be as dull as it seems to be.

4. Read while queueing up.

Queueing is the most boring and unwanted activity but whether we like it or not we spend a lot of time queuing. We can use it to read in order to avoid feeling impatient. It’s amazing how you can turn an annoying situation into something satisfying just by reading.

5. Read while waiting for your order.

Like queueing waiting for an order can be frustrating. When I eat outside with anyone else I get distracted with my phone while waiting for the food. We misuse most of our time scrolling facebook, instagram etc. Instead why not do something that will improve our minds? So while waiting for my order I usually grab the kindle and go through my current reads. It’s enjoyable! Its fun!

6. Read when in an awkward situation.

This is something I usually end up doing in an awkward situation. When I am with my friends and they are discussing topics that I can hardly relate to, I will pull out my phone, fire up the kindle app and read. This has really saved me time and again from a lot of awkward situations. 

7. Read while doing chores.

When washing your clothes or washing dishes, don’t forget to turn on your audiobooks. If you have a great focus on doing something while listening intently to your books, then go for it. Nothing is more significant than a time well spent.

8. Read before you sleep

We tend to not use our time wisely before bed by pointlessly scrolling our social media. Its far far better to use this precious time for reading! It not only improves our sleep but next morning we even come up with new ideas. It proves creativity as well. Set the timer to half an hour or an hour for optimal reading time.

9. Read before getting out of bed.

What do you usually do before you get up? Stare at the ceiling? Meditate? (Good option) but Of course, you can read too! (Since that’s our topic for today!) Grab a book or kindle, and start the day by reading your favourite title. Reading is the perfect preparation for our mind before we go on to different tasks for the day. Not only will you be able to reach your daily/monthly goal by reading a lot, but it will also help your mind to be more focused and healthier.

10. Make reading a recreational activity.

Everyone has a day or two off from work/school every week. Instead of aimlessly watching Netflix or partying every weekend a great way is to grab a book and read! Go to a park or favourite coffee/tea shop tea and enjoy quality time immersed in a challenging and phenomenal book.

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