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Nectar by Upile Chisala

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Genre: Poetry

Rating: 1.5 Stars


Whyyyy? (sad sad emoji)

I just recently requested this on NetGalley and had high hopes from this book. The reviews of the book on NetGalley as well as the ones on Goodreads are quite promising, however I beg to differ.

Powerful book”  it mentions at the end of the book. Regardless, I didn’t find any of the poems powerful enough to make a difference and impact on me as a reader. Most of the poems are quiet simple, and most of the words are similar to the poets on Instagram who do not have published works and write for their passions. In fact, most of the unpublished works are better than the poems in the book. I write poetry too, and have seen very good poets who stay hidden on platforms like Mirakee, Your quotes and Instagram.I didn’t find this book to be anything special. Sorry! I’m not a harsh person, still this book just didn’t rhyme.

I did have high hopes from this book since the synopsis seemed interesting, but now that I have read it I am quite disappointed. These are some of the poems, which I find are too simple, and I think most people can write them too if they passionately want to.

“Some things shatter. Some things bloom.”

“Healing will come for us too.”

“The heaviness and softness of caring for someone.”

At first, I thought Rupi Kaur’s and Lang Leav’s poems are simple too. Nevertheless, if one reads between the lines there are some very powerful poems and words in Rupi’s & Lang’s books that leave a significant impact on the reader! But for this book? I appreciate the efforts and thoughts, however it’s just a big NO NO.

We all have our opinions and this is just an opinion like any other. 

What I like about the book:
  • The cover is bright and minimalist.
What I dislike about the book:
  • Too simple
  • No impact

Overall, not recommended. Read at your own risk.

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for the honest review.

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