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300 Things I Hope by Iaian S. Thomas

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Genre: Poetry

Ratings: 3.7/5 Stars


The  “300 things I hope” book highlights arbitrary thoughts the author hopes for its readers. It has cute, short and inspiring passages that will make you laugh and feel touched at the same time.

The contents of the title may seem simple, but they are directly to the point. The random approach used by the author induces a plethora of feelings to the readers. Some of the words ponder on issues one wouldn’t expect to read (e.g. a person hoping for another) but it touches one in subtle ways and I really liked it the way it is.

“300 things I hope” illuminates positivity. It aims to ease the dilemma of a reader’s everyday life. Though you may not be facing the same issues, but for me, I was clouded with negativity about certain things when I was reading this title and the words just surprised me; they made me smile, they made my day.

Here are some of the thoughts worth taking from the book:

“I hope you have the courage to do things for the first time.”

“I hope you never hate anything longer than you need to.”

“I hope you discover a book written entirely about you.”

“I hope someone kisses you when you least expect it.”

“I hope the only time you compare yourself to someone else is when you ask yourself how you feel if you were them.”

What is to like about the book:

– Full of positivity with a sweet, ambient setting.

– The yellow cover feels very pleasing.

What is not to like about the book:

– Good if it has more thoughts. It promises for 300 thoughts and that’s all one gets. No more no less.

Why not 5/5? Somehow the books leaves room for more hopes which can be but aren’t there.

Overall, it is a very enjoyable read. If you are looking for a fun, cute, heart touching and inspiring short read, then the “300 things I hope” title is definitely for you. 

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