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Lullabies by Lang Leav

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Genre: Poetry

Ratings: 4/5 Stars 


“Lullabies” is another one of those Lang’s book where simplicity is at its best. I love the way she delivers the poems, especially all the parts that rhyme. Not only that, I also love that there is a deep meaning behind her words that forces one to dig deeper into trying to figure out what Lang actually wants to convey. Unlike the book Love and Misadventure, Lullabies has more number of prose in it. The book consists of three main chapters; Chapter 1 Duet, Chapter 2 Interlude (all prose), and Chapter 3 Finale not to mention almost all of the book is about Love & Longing. Also, the prose are really good and she definitely has a unique way of illustrating emotions that have profound meaning in them.  I also admire the cover of Lullabies more than that of Love and Misadventure’s. 

These are some of the poetry and prose that I liked in this book, Chapter 1 Duet:

His Kiss

He has me at his every whim;

      everything starts with him.

To all the boys I used to kiss—

     everything stops with his.

If My Life Were a Day

You are the moment before the sun sinks into the horizon. The transient light—the ephemeral hues set against the fading, fading sky.

Until I am left only with the moon to refract your light. And in you absence, the stars to guide me—like a cosmic runway—steadily into the dark.

Chapter 2 Interlude:


Do you remember our first day? The fog lifted and all around us were trees linking hands, like children playing.

Our first night, when you stood by the door, conflicted, as I sat there with my knees tucked under my chin, and smiling.

Then rainbows arching over and the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.
How the wind howls as the sea whispers, I miss you.

Come back to me.

Chapter 3 Finale:


Our love—a dead star

      to the world it burns brightly—

     But it died long ago.


In the beginning, I wrote to you and you wrote back. For the first time, I had something worth writing about.

Then somewhere during our correspondence, I deviated—and instead of writing to you, I began writing for you. There was so much to say, things I couldn’t tell you and I sensed it was important to put them down somewhere. For inherently, mankind is compelled to record their greatest moments in history and you were mine.

I don’t write to you anymore. Nor do I write for you. But I do write—and every word still aches for you.

The Poet

Why do you write? he asked.
So I can take my love for you and give it to the world, I reply.
Because you won’t take it from me.


Do you see

     how I love him true—

     it could have been you.

As for you

    and your love for she—

    it could have been me.

But we were a maybe,

    and never a must—

    when it should have been us.

What I like about the book:
  • The book has a number of good poems and the style of her poetry is very good.
  • The cover is quite pleasing and aesthetic.
  • The artwork is beautiful as usual like all her other books.
  • The meaning hidden in the prose are deep. I love them.
  • Relatable to almost anyone with a longing for love.
  • The book and poems are simple! No complex vocabulary or imagery involved.
What I don’t like about the book:
  • There are some poems that are too simple without much of a deeper meaning to the words.

Overall this is a very good book for those who love prose and expect a more heartfelt whimsical experience in a poetry book. 

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