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Love And Adventure by Lang Leav

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Genre: Poetry

Ratings: 4/5 Stars 


This book is simplicity at its best! Being able to write simple poems direct to the point is hard however Lang Leav is able to deliver them very well. The book has few prose in it and is divided broadly into three parts; Part I Misadventure, Part II The Circus of Sorrows, Part III Love. 

The artwork that is included in the book is the work of Leav herself and I think it is really great! She is not only a good writer but a fine artist as well! I can’t say this is the most amazing book ever,  though I believe it is good enough for us to spend some time with it. 

These are some of the excerpts from Part I Misadventure:

Sea of Strangers

In a sea of strangers,

       you’ve longed to know me,

       Your life spent sailing

       to my shores.

The arms that yearn

       to someday hold me,

       will ache beneath

       the heavy oars.

Please take your time

      and take it slowly;

      as all you do

      will ruin its course.

And nothing else

     can take what only—

     was always meant

     as solely yours.

Afraid to Love

I turn away

     and close my heart—

     to the promise of love

     that is luring.

For the past has taught

    to not be caught,

    in what is not

    worth pursuing—

To never do

    the things I’ve done

    that once had led

    to my undoing.

Part II The Circus of Sorrows

Love Lost

There is one who you belong to,

    whose love—there is no song for.

    And though you know it’s wrongful,

    there is someone else you long for.

Your heart was once a vessel,

    it was filled up to the brim,

    until the day he left you,

    now everything sings of him.

Of the two who came to love you,

    to one, your heart you gave.

    He lives in stars above you—

    in the love who came and stayed.

An Answer

To choose from

    there were many;

    among them,

    there were some.

And of those I loved you,

    more than any—

    but not as much as one.

Part III Love

All or Nothing

If you love me    for what you see,

    only your eyes would be

    in love with me.

If you love me

    for what you’ve heard,

    then you would love me

    for my words.

If you love

    my heart and mind,

    then you would love me,

    for all that I’m.

But if you don’t love

    my every flaw,

    then you mustn’t love me—

    not at all.

Before There Was You

When I used to look above,

    all I saw was sky;

    and every song

    that I would sing,

    I sung not knowing why.

All I thought and all I felt,

    was only just because,

    never was it ever you—

  until it was all there was.

What I like about the book:
  • It is simple and relatable.
  • Can be handy read when short of time.
  • Prose and thoughts are neatly organized.
  • The cover is aesthetic and appealing. Worth including to the collections of aesthetic books.
  • The artwork is unique and beautiful!
  • Deep meaning even though the poems are simple .
What I don’t like about the book:
  • Not all poems are great, some are too simple, some are good, and a very few are beautiful. 

Overall, this is a good book! Recommended to all who want to start their journey on poetry books. 

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