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The Bones She Buried by Lisa Regan

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Genre: Crime/Thriller

Ratings: 5/5


Josie Quinn was experimenting with baking cakes to impress her boyfriend’s mother Colette Fraley, however it turned out to be a disaster and both of them just decided to buy her a cake instead.

When Josie and Noah arrived at Colette’s place, they saw her door was yawned open. Josie sensed something was wrong but Noah didn’t believe her. They searched the premise for Colette’s presence even though Noah didn’t believe Josie. Ultimately they found her outside with a small handheld shovel lying on a flower bed . They tried their best to revive her by performing compression, mouth to mouth respiration and they were able to taste the soil on her mouth. The most horrible part was when they found clumps of soil down her throat that had blocked her airway, however the real cause of death was asphyxiation.

Colette’s house was a real mess like if someone was looking for something, until one day, Josie along with Finn Mettner (a detective working with her) found a pouch under Colette’s sewing machine. The pouch had three things inside; a flashdrive, an arrowhead stone, and a 1974 belt. At first it seems like the newfound evidence would help them in finding the killer, however it turns out that the evidence leads to a much bigger issue.

Why did Colette hide the pouch? Is there a secret she is trying to hide? Who killed her?


This is fifth book from Lisa Regan’s Josie Quinn’s series, and I swear I don’t know why I haven’t heard of her before? (Maybe because I just started getting into reading books this year and I was unaware of her work! I will of-course get the other books now that I know about them! )
Although I have not read any prequels of this book, I am still able to understand everything. The book is indeed gripping and heart stopping as illustrated on the cover! Its a real deal according to me.

I love how the author sustains the thrill until the very end. Every chapter is so stimulating that it makes me wanna read more and more. I got very excited and curious when everyone in the book was hunting for the killer. Josie is a bad-ass girl character, she’s an amazing detective, with an amazing mind working in a professional manner! I love that it’s a series of murders that lead to complications. I also like how each lead fails due to the death of people linked to the crime, however they are still able to find the connections between those people and the perpetrator behind all the deaths. 

The setting is so wide that Josie and her team have to travel to places just to get a word with leads so that all the dots connect together. The mysterious evidences; the way the killers murdered those people and the way everything turns out is very intense and engaging. Everything started from 1974 and only during 2018 (the present occurrences in the book) were they able to make a conclusion of all the events that happened. A lot of people died because of a long kept secret. 

I really admire Josie’s character. Even though at times she is tired and confused, yet she is able to focus on her work at hand. She doesn’t let any connections get in her way of work. Her questions are precise and even though the investigation take a toll on her yet she is able to connect all the dots related to the investigation. 

Takeaways from the book:

  • Love can conquer all. A person will do anything for love (even can be a selfish love that leads to murder).
  • No matter what happens one will always prioritize to protect the people they love.
  • Too much love always lead to obsession and it makes one unhappy.
  • Just because of love, the perception of justice can get altered.

What I like about the book

  • It keeps the thrill and excitement alive till the end!
  • The characters are competitive as well as culprits. Who doesn’t want that? It makes the story interesting and exciting.
  • The story is intense,  engaging and perfect for thrill enthusiast like me!
  • The cover & title is really appealing and that’ the first thing that caught my attention.

What I dislike about the book

  • Nothing! It’s the perfect crime thriller!

I just want to say thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the free copy of this book. It was really worth my time! 

Overall this is a fantastic, amazing and awesome book. You definitely cannot miss this.

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